Friday, March 23, 2012

Getting Ready to Put My Version of 'Raggedy Ann and Andy' Together

Hey All You Dollmakers out there in Bloggerland,

I am getting all the parts made to my delight, yes I do get delighted when I get this far along in my dollmaking process. All I can say about these dolls is 'I really do love them!' They are truly raggedy and that is the way I like them. Their long skinny legs and arms make them really fun.

As far as products, just want you all to know again I use 'all natural' as opposed to 'poly' or 'man-made' products. My Mother did bring me up that way. . . well not really 'all natural' but quality anyway, I will give her kudos for that! She has her good points! I do remember she made a little 'Rag Doll' one time, I wonder where that is. She made it by hand, of course, maybe there is a story behind that, I will find out. To be continued . . .

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