Friday, March 23, 2012

Getting Ready to Put My Version of 'Raggedy Ann and Andy' Together

Hey All You Dollmakers out there in Bloggerland,

I am getting all the parts made to my delight, yes I do get delighted when I get this far along in my dollmaking process. All I can say about these dolls is 'I really do love them!' They are truly raggedy and that is the way I like them. Their long skinny legs and arms make them really fun.

As far as products, just want you all to know again I use 'all natural' as opposed to 'poly' or 'man-made' products. My Mother did bring me up that way. . . well not really 'all natural' but quality anyway, I will give her kudos for that! She has her good points! I do remember she made a little 'Rag Doll' one time, I wonder where that is. She made it by hand, of course, maybe there is a story behind that, I will find out. To be continued . . .

Monday, March 19, 2012

Doll&Bear Co: Making Dolls Today!

Doll&Bear Co: Making Dolls Today!: I would like to tell you a little more about why I love 'Rag Dolls' so much. I have to say, it has to do with the visual of seeing small chi...

Making Dolls Today!

I would like to tell you a little more about why I love 'Rag Dolls' so much. I have to say, it has to do with the visual of seeing small children carrying around a 'Rag Doll' by one arm. Every time I finish one, I always swing it with one arm and tell my husband 'that's how you are suppose to hold them'. I just like the fact they are light enough for small kids to carry around (by one arm preferrably). I also like the real 'Rag Doll' effect and that is, they are very 'raggedy'.

I only had boys so I needed a 'Raggedy Andy', right, a boy doll is OK for boys. After all 'Andy' was not really like a doll doll you know. (A Teddy Bear doll is also OK, probably why I love bears so much). When I saw that handmade 'Raggedy Ann' in that sewing shop, I did have to have an 'Andy' for my baby son Dustin, for Christmas that year. I did get that 'Rag Doll' for him that year, over 30 years ago. I still have that 'Rag Doll', he had the traditional name of Andy. Through the years and two more sons Andy was well loved and still is.

Hey all you interested in my 'Rag Dolls' and/or my version of 'Raggedy Ann and Andy', today is the day! I hope to get accomplished all I am setting out to do. I will put the skin toned acrylic wash on the dolls faces and hands. When I am done I will let you all know and will show photos of my work.

My dolls are especially 'raggedy'. Their legs are long and kind of skinny as are the arms. The arms, legs, and the entire doll is stuffed tightly with genuine bamboo stuffing, this makes all parts of the doll very sturdy. All of my dolls want to be played with, I recommend them. I do keep my dolls faces simple. I like them that way.

Remember, my site at I hope all of you go over there and see it.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Its A New Day!

Hey all you doll lovers. (I call my handmade bears 'dolls' too). Today I have high hopes to make 5 or 6 'Rag Doll'  bodies. I stuff my dolls with a great product, all natural bamboo fiber stuffing. This is naturally antibacterial.  So many parents worrying about what their kids toys are made of can rest easily, because bamboo stuffing is a great product.

I stuff the 'Rag Dolls' very tightly so it would not be a good idea to throw them in the wash machine. In view of this I put an acrylic skin toned wash on my dolls faces and hands so they can be washed with a soapy wash rag and wiped off and layed out to dry. I send instructions with my handmade dolls on this method of cleaning.

Come see my work at I hope to get new photos of my version of 'Raggedy Ann and Andy' dolls soon. Just a note about price, if myself (and other dollmakers too) would get paid by the hour, it would definetly be under minimum wage. So please understand my price is really because I choose to use quality materials. I will blog about my progress today!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More about handmade dolls and bears. 'Goldielocks and The Three Bears' story continued.

One thing I have learned, always make sure you give yourself enough time for the project. So when my sister Marcie asked for this special order I found myself not knowing if little Izzy was going to get her very special Christmas present from Santa. I did work right up to the last minute. It was a very crazy week and I knew my sister was not going to receive them before she left for Christmas at her in-laws home in Atlanta Georgia.

I knew they had to be sent by Monday in order to guarantee their delivery. I was working with lightening speed. I simply had to make sure Izzy got 'The Three Bears', I knew one thing 'Goldilocks' would have to come later. I even thought their was a possibility I could make the doll in one ni ght. I was dreaming! I was so tired and devastated at the thought of their possibly not getting to their destination in time, but by Monday before Christmas on Sunday I almost had them done. I was working on their clothes. I knew for them to really rock, they had to be dressed. My sister said just simple outfits, after all they were for a baby not yet one year old. It was 2:00 PM and I was at PO and guaranteed they would be there by Friday! I was so HAPPY! Marcie and her family had barely drove up her in-laws drive and the Post Man was there, they had to sign for them (the only way I ship).

Since Izzy's birthday is February 28, 2012 I had 2 months to complete Goldie. Izzy did get her doll by her birthday. It was another special design for my precious little niece Izzy.

Handmade dolls and bears are made with love by every doll maker and bear maker. I believe we are all artist. Anyone that makes them does put their own life energy into them and in that respect I believe they are all art. Please enter my website . You can learn a little more about myself and my love for my 'Teddy Bears' and 'Rag Dolls'.

Doll&Bear Co: Website Ready!

Hey you guys interested in Doll&BearCo. at , please come by and see my site and check out Shophandmade it is a great place for people to put their handmade items for sale. Shophandmade is free, I'll say it again FREE! 

My website is up and I want all of you doll and bear makers to know I am thinking about you. We are people who love dolls and bears otherwise we would not be doing this. It takes a lot of time and cost a lot of money.

Website Ready! Making Goldielocks and Three Bears

Hey you guys interested in Doll&BearCo. at . The website is up and I want all of you doll and bear makers to know this site is free. That is what I said free, free, and free. It is also very easy to set up your space. I used microsoft publisher and saved the right size photos or boxes with my wording in it. I have practiced a little by making my own cards and brochures. So what I did and there might be an easier way but after I created the right size of box I saved it in publisher, then I clicked on item saved in file and on bar where it states to name file it has a drop down and you can change image to jpeg file interchange format. Then when you are browsing to find your item you designed, it will be in documents.

Today I wanted to start my experience about designing 'Goldie and The Three Bears' for my sisters new baby Izzy. I think I gave my sister Marcie the idea, then she asked me to do it for I zzy for Chrismas. Well I wanted just the right bear faces, so I made a few random designs first. The problem was I did not give myself enough time for this great project and doing it the way I wanted it to be done.

Of course I had to pick out material and color first. Marcie already has one of my first bears so I did not want to make them the same color. I chose two different types of chocolate brown. I thought I was going to get both sets done. Not so! I was running so behind and was still working on 'The Three Bears' one week before Christmas.  . . . To be continued.