Thursday, March 15, 2012

Its A New Day!

Hey all you doll lovers. (I call my handmade bears 'dolls' too). Today I have high hopes to make 5 or 6 'Rag Doll'  bodies. I stuff my dolls with a great product, all natural bamboo fiber stuffing. This is naturally antibacterial.  So many parents worrying about what their kids toys are made of can rest easily, because bamboo stuffing is a great product.

I stuff the 'Rag Dolls' very tightly so it would not be a good idea to throw them in the wash machine. In view of this I put an acrylic skin toned wash on my dolls faces and hands so they can be washed with a soapy wash rag and wiped off and layed out to dry. I send instructions with my handmade dolls on this method of cleaning.

Come see my work at I hope to get new photos of my version of 'Raggedy Ann and Andy' dolls soon. Just a note about price, if myself (and other dollmakers too) would get paid by the hour, it would definetly be under minimum wage. So please understand my price is really because I choose to use quality materials. I will blog about my progress today!

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