Monday, March 19, 2012

Making Dolls Today!

I would like to tell you a little more about why I love 'Rag Dolls' so much. I have to say, it has to do with the visual of seeing small children carrying around a 'Rag Doll' by one arm. Every time I finish one, I always swing it with one arm and tell my husband 'that's how you are suppose to hold them'. I just like the fact they are light enough for small kids to carry around (by one arm preferrably). I also like the real 'Rag Doll' effect and that is, they are very 'raggedy'.

I only had boys so I needed a 'Raggedy Andy', right, a boy doll is OK for boys. After all 'Andy' was not really like a doll doll you know. (A Teddy Bear doll is also OK, probably why I love bears so much). When I saw that handmade 'Raggedy Ann' in that sewing shop, I did have to have an 'Andy' for my baby son Dustin, for Christmas that year. I did get that 'Rag Doll' for him that year, over 30 years ago. I still have that 'Rag Doll', he had the traditional name of Andy. Through the years and two more sons Andy was well loved and still is.

Hey all you interested in my 'Rag Dolls' and/or my version of 'Raggedy Ann and Andy', today is the day! I hope to get accomplished all I am setting out to do. I will put the skin toned acrylic wash on the dolls faces and hands. When I am done I will let you all know and will show photos of my work.

My dolls are especially 'raggedy'. Their legs are long and kind of skinny as are the arms. The arms, legs, and the entire doll is stuffed tightly with genuine bamboo stuffing, this makes all parts of the doll very sturdy. All of my dolls want to be played with, I recommend them. I do keep my dolls faces simple. I like them that way.

Remember, my site at I hope all of you go over there and see it.

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