Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Website Ready! Making Goldielocks and Three Bears

Hey you guys interested in Doll&BearCo. at . The website is up and I want all of you doll and bear makers to know this site is free. That is what I said free, free, and free. It is also very easy to set up your space. I used microsoft publisher and saved the right size photos or boxes with my wording in it. I have practiced a little by making my own cards and brochures. So what I did and there might be an easier way but after I created the right size of box I saved it in publisher, then I clicked on item saved in file and on bar where it states to name file it has a drop down and you can change image to jpeg file interchange format. Then when you are browsing to find your item you designed, it will be in documents.

Today I wanted to start my experience about designing 'Goldie and The Three Bears' for my sisters new baby Izzy. I think I gave my sister Marcie the idea, then she asked me to do it for I zzy for Chrismas. Well I wanted just the right bear faces, so I made a few random designs first. The problem was I did not give myself enough time for this great project and doing it the way I wanted it to be done.

Of course I had to pick out material and color first. Marcie already has one of my first bears so I did not want to make them the same color. I chose two different types of chocolate brown. I thought I was going to get both sets done. Not so! I was running so behind and was still working on 'The Three Bears' one week before Christmas.  . . . To be continued.

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